Release of new work

The first exhibition in Kyoto in June is scheduled to open in 2021, so until then, new works will be released and sold at the online shop.
I really understand the feeling of wanting to make a decision by actually picking it up or seeing it with my eyes. It's not cheap. And as anyone who has seen my work live knows, the real thing is more beautiful than the image.
However, since it is such a time, it is difficult to have the opportunity to showcase (sell) all the works in a solo exhibition format.
Since each work is one-of-a-kind, there are cases where it disappears while you are worried, but if you have questions such as "I want to see it from another angle", "I want to see it in a video", "I want you to put it on a ◯ colored background", etc. If you have any request, please let us know.
In such a time, I feel the importance of the position of art, the effect on everyone, and the role. It may not be necessary or important, but is the effect and uplifting feeling that is more than expected unique to art and fashion? It is around this time that I think.
Since it is a poorly productive method, it will not be possible to release a large number of new works. It will be posted little by little on an irregular basis, but I hope you enjoy it.