Introducing the accessories attached to the pendant work.
For works with a size of about 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm in the glass part

1.5mm thick / 38cm-43cm long black strap and adjustable length-45cm silver chain

Is attached.
For large works, we have selected and attached a 2.0 mm strap and a slightly more voluminous silver chain.
I put my work in a handmade envelope.
Made from very sturdy Nepalese handmade paper.
It doesn't include my logo / brand name, so it can be used for other purposes. Please reuse it.
(When sending, we will put this envelope in the special package of Yamato Transport.)
Handmade pendant display stand. (Pendant works basically have this display stand. If you want the amount instead of the display stand, please indicate so in the remarks column when making a payment.)
The base is made of glass and the wire part is made of aluminum.
As the light is transparent, the glass shines beautifully.
The color of the glass part (base) changes from time to time.
You cannot specify the color. I'm sorry.
It is a handmade amount. (If you would like the amount, please indicate so in the remarks column at the time of payment.)
It has an irregular texture using white putty like plaster.
Suitable for both Western and Japanese style rooms.

* A black version will be attached depending on the work. (When the black one looks better)